Mesure and design the user experience

We enable organizations to achieve their business objectives by understanding the needs of their customers

UX-co offers you 2 types of support

Approaches designed to fully meet your needs by adapting to your project.


Incubation of your projects

Our in-house designers accompany you on a punctual basis, hand in hand, on your project: testing, research, feature design, team leadership, etc.

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Integration into your teams

Benefit from an expert designer recruited by designers, specialized in your field of activity, and fully integrated within your teams

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89% of companies believe that customer experience has become their main competitive factor.

– Gartner for Marketing Leaders, 2015

UX at the heart of your digital transformation

Here's how we support you in your digital transformation:

  • 1. Audit: We conduct a user experience audit, whether it's on your website or within your company.
  • 2. Strategy: The audit helps us define an action plan to improve the experience you offer.
  • 3. Execution: We assist you in implementing the action plan, whether internally or with your suppliers.
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Through user experience

Increase your revenue

  • Raise your conversion rates
  • Increase retention
  • Develop virality
  • Foster customer loyalty

Reduce your costs

  • Accelerate your development
  • Lighten your customer support
  • Decrease corrections
  • Retain your employees

Become a leader

  • Discover opportunities
  • Innovate to stand out
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Dominate your market

Increase the profitability of your digital investments

An audit of your digital experience allows you to discover 80% of the areas for improvement and quickly correct them without major investment. Save thousands of dollars while increasing conversion, retention, and engagement of your customer base.

Audits are also necessary in your redesign or when creating a new project to establish stronger foundations by considering the existing situation. You'll have a clear vision of the experience to implement.

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Our areas of expertise

Customer experience

Design and optimize positive and consistent experiences across all touchpoints to develop engagement, retention, and conversion.

Employee experience

Design and optimize employee tools and processes to enhance productivity, competitiveness, and employee retention.



  • Information Architecture
  • Service Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Prototyping


Our work is based on science and proven methods, not opinions.
We emphasize achieving your business goals.
We take into account your technological reality.

Happy clients

Quick and effective fixes rather than a major redesign

« The UX-co audit allowed us to make major fixes to our website quickly and without having to redo everything. I was able to handle a portion of the fixes myself and for the rest, I was well equipped to negotiate with my agency. For a fraction of the price of a new site, we increased sign-ups by 18% and reduced customer support load by 40%! »

A tremendous return on investment

« We asked UX-co for advice to improve the conversion rate of The team quickly identified a few key points causing problems for our users. In just a few hours of work, we increased our conversion rate by 10%! »

Canac trusts UX-co to increase customer satisfaction

« We worked with UX-co (Laure Gabrielle) to redesign our website with the aim of increasing our customers' satisfaction. To achieve this, she conducted surveys in-store, compared with competitors, participated in wireframe architecture, advocated her ideas before senior management, and helped us better define the digital strategy for the future. Furthermore, we were particularly impressed by her integrity and transparency when she evaluated her own work once the website went live. »

Une expertise objective et synonyme de résultats

« UX-CO is a committed collaborator focused on delivering tangible results. Their observations significantly contributed to our realization that most of our communication tools needed to be revamped. Through various observations and communication with our users, both in B2B and B2C contexts, UX-CO provided concrete and honest recommendations. [...] I highly recommend their services not only for their skills but also for their commitment and dedication as a company and their team approach. »

« The user experience training has allowed us to refine our use cases and make them much more concrete with the use of personas. There are also numerous examples of best practices in web development. Thanks to the entire UX-co team! »

« The UX-co survey enabled VETIQ to understand the needs and objectives of its members in order to guide the new strategic planning.. »

« The UX-co survey enabled the continuing education service of Shawinigan College to learn and understand the needs of the gaming and mobile applications industry and identify opportunities for training, allowing the college to position itself as a leader.. »

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Our experts

Photo de Laure Gabrielle Chatenet

Laure Gabrielle Chatenet

President - UX Expert

Photo de Jeam-Michel Lacroix

Jean-Michel Lacroix

Technical performance expert

We have designed and developed Capian, a usability assessment software that enables professionals to create better evaluations more efficiently.

Here's what the professional association says: « […] pure efficiency designed by usability experts and now available to UX professionals. »