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Today, when we talk about user experience, we often focus on consumers, customers, and sales. However, user experience also includes employee experience. When an employee is well-equipped, they learn faster and more efficiently, serve customers better, and stay longer within the company..

Signs of a poor user experience

User frustration

Hieratic navigation. Loss of sales or reputation with customers, prospects and users.


Differences between brand contact points, both digital and physical.

Technical Debt

Lack of design patterns and different components leading to extra work and maintenance.

Product complexity

Inefficiency in employee work causing frustration, increased fatigue, and significant demotivation.

Why a UX audit?


Facing challenges with employee retention or prospects not converting sufficiently? High abandonment rates? Overloaded service and support teams?


Wondering how to improve conversions, customer engagement, employee retention, and satisfaction?


Questioning why your product fails to satisfy users despite investments and efforts ?

Don't redo everything, don't give up! You need UX/UI audit.

What is a UX audit?

A UX audit is a thorough diagnostic of a website, mobile app, or digital product's ergonomics and usability. It aims to identify strengths and weaknesses in user experience and provide concrete recommendations for improvement. Our UX audits rely on rigorous methodology and specific tools to analyze various aspects of user experience.

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1$ invested in UX returns at least 100$

The benefits of a UX audit

Optimized user experience

A satisfactory user experience is essential to attract consumers. An appropriate UX audit will allow you to improve the quality of your site or service and make it profitable by building customer loyalty.

Satisfied and loyal customer

If customer expectations are not met, your business runs the risk of losing them. An effective UX/UI audit will help you avoid this by identifying and eliminating user experience issues during design.

High conversion rate

A high conversion rate cannot be achieved without a smooth and optimal user experience. Hence the undeniable interest of a UX audit which will help to propose an effective design and to remove the obstacles that customers may encounter.

Competitive advantage

Acquiring a competitive advantage to stand out from the competition is a never-ending quest for businesses. A UX audit allows you to refine your user experience to better position yourself in the market.

Our audit services

The UX audit services offered by UX-CO consist of evaluating and improving the user experience of digital products, including websites, mobile applications SaaS products and web applications. This methodology involves in-depth analysis of user interface (UI), interaction design (IxD) and overall user experience (UX). It also aims to identify strengths, gaps and potential areas for improvement.

Benefit from in-depth analysis of user experience and user interface with our UX audit services. Our team will provide you with a detailed strategy to optimize the user journey, eliminate unnecessary elements and poorly designed UX solutions, as well as resolve usability issues.

User testing offers qualitative data and highlights aspects and issues related to user experience. This assessment is carried out through in-person interviews, online tests and the use of dedicated software to record interactions

Thanks to our extensive expertise in SaaS and Web apps, our UX audits bring strong added value to your business. We evaluate the usability, loading speed, style consistency and overall user experience of a web application or SaaS, and we verify. Apart from this, we check their compliance with relevant accessibility rules and standards.

At UX CO, we carry out a careful evaluation of the user experience (UX) and interface design (UI) of a mobile application. We analyze the interactions specific to mobile devices as well as the navigation and information architecture for fluid and optimal organization.

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AI at the service of UX audit

At UX-CO, we take advantage of the best AI tools to provide you with precise, relevant and efficient rendering.

Our audit approach

Our working method is entirely collaborative, also based on UX research. We work together with our clients to find viable, tangible and decisive solutions. Thanks to our tool Capian as well as a range of the best artificial intelligence tools, we conduct qualitative research based on scientific criteria. We analyze interface flows, both what happens on the interface and what the user experiences from a cognitive and psychological point of view.

Beyond the audit

We know how difficult it is to transform services and products in one day. This is why we remain at your side to continue implementing roadmaps and improve recommendations if contexts change.

When to do a UX audit?

The design phase of a website, product or service is crucial to its success and viability. A UX audit can effectively optimize this process, from design to implementation. Once the launch is complete, it is very useful to conduct a UX audit to collect user feedback as well as data on actual interactions.

When redesigning a website, SaaS software, web or mobile application, a UX audit can provide reliable information on the best practices to put in place, the modifications and improvements to integrate, without overwhelming or destabilizing the existing users.

Whether it is artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) or Internet of Things (IoT), the integration of new technologies or new features can be perfectly successful and bring maximum value to users if it is preceded by a UX audit which can assess to what extent these additions can be perceived by the existing user experience.

A decline in user engagement, conversion rate, or an increase in bounce rates are warning signs of declining performance. Thus, a UX audit can help identify the root causes of these problems and plan the necessary actions to correct or resolve them.

Our UX audit packages

5 500 $


Duration : 2 weeks

  • Basic audit
  • Recommendations


15 000 $

Action plan

Duration : 4 weeks

  • Premium Audit
  • Benchmark / monitoring
  • Recommendations
  • Premium Game Plan
25 000 $

Strategic plan

Duration : 8 weeks

  • Premium Audit
  • Premium field survey
  • Recommandations
  • Executive game plan

Your customized UX audit

Depending on the specificity of your request and the particular context of your objectives, we can offer you a tailor-made UX audit, perfectly aligned with your needs.

Our experts

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Laure Gabrielle Chatenet

President - UX Expert

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Jean-Michel Lacroix

Expert in technical performance

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We designed and developed Capian, a usability assessment support software that enables professionals to create better assessments more efficiently.

What our customers think

"Quick and effective fixes rather than a major overhaul"

"The UX-co audit allowed us to make major fixes to our website, quickly and without having to redo everything. I was able to make a portion of the fixes myself and for the rest I was fine equipped to negotiate with my agency."

Daniel Riou
President of Défi Entreprises


Increase in registration numbers


Reduced customer support burden

Frequently Asked Questions

Several criteria and observations will be reviewed on your site, such as:

  • Navigation issues, page hierarchy issues, unclear user flow, non-alignment with known design patterns, misleading UX solutions (dark patterns), missing/extra elements
  • System feedback issues and bugs with usability, contrasts, font sizes, etc.
  • The effectiveness of the functionalities, the organization of the pages, the coherence between the pages and the elements as well as their structure
  • Competition assessment, their strengths and weaknesses, current trends, competitor UX analysis, competitor UI analysis
  • User contact points with the organization and the presentation of the business model in user perception
  • Employee journeys and work processes

Following the analysis, UX-co provides a report of written and visual recommendations, which can be illustrated. Concrete and actionable actions by the teams to improve the product or service are provided to you. Some examples of improvements:

  • Organization of pages and their structures, texts and icons
  • Improvement, clarification of elements in e-commerce
  • Identification for simplification of work processes for employees
  • Business positioning in relation to the competition

A UX audit, UI audit, UX benchmark, can be carried out at different times in the project, whatever the state of progress of your digital product or service.

For example :

  • UX audit before redesigning a website, mobile or software application
  • During the design process: from the mock-up to its online posting, including design and production reviews
  • Evaluate graphic models when they are on tools like Figma, UXpin, Invision, Adobe XD
  • When adding a new functionality to ensure that it fits into a logical and functional unit
  • To challenge, help, guide your teams or service providers
  • To establish a game plan for the future of your digital product

As each case, each client, each context is different, it is necessary to take the time to assess your needs and context. Depending on the number of pages of the site, its positioning, its market, the exchanges and information that you will provide us, the time allocated to a UX audit may vary. Generally, from 15 days you will have an analysis and recommendations. In some cases, this can be done within a week.

UX audits are not specific to certain types of businesses or industries. Whether you are a large group, an SME or a start-up, whatever your field, a UX/UI audit is undeniably part of your growth and viability strategy.

You want to have an external eye to challenge your teams or service providers. You want to improve your digital products and services but you don't know where to start. Feedback from your users (customers or employees) reflects a drop in interest or even performance. A UX audit will give you the right answers to all these issues.


  • Most interventions will be on Skype / telephone. In-person presentations will take place in the greater Quebec City region. No travel costs are included and the costs of an intervention outside the greater Quebec region will be negotiated.
  • Payment takes place before the start of the intervention.
  • The number of hours for each intervention is limited. The maximum time allocated represents the offer price divided by our hourly rate of $125.
  • Access to Capian’s “Premium” package lasts 6 months.
  • For the analysis of Google Analytics statistics, you will need to provide us with access.
  • The audit report will be produced using the Capian audit tool by a UX-co expert.