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What is the conversion rate optimization audit?

A CRO audit, or conversion rate optimization audit, is an in-depth analysis of elements of a website or digital platform aimed at improving the percentage of visitors taking a desired action, such as a purchase, registration or a download. The main goal of the CRO audit is to identify friction points and obstacles that can hinder the user conversion process.

From ineffective SEO strategies to clunky interface design, our CRO experts can determine what's hindering the conversion process and suggest improvements based on analytical data to maximize your business' ROI .

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Why conduct a CRO audit?

Shopping experience

You want your users to benefit from an optimal shopping experience, by making navigation intuitive and personalized and by implementing a transparent and very efficient ordering process.

Sales volume

You want to significantly increase the volume of sales through your website, by optimizing the purchasing journey and improving the conversion of visitors into customers.

Customer loyalty

You want to retain your customers and ensure their loyalty to your brand, by offering an optimized user experience that will allow them to increase their actions and orders.

The Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

A CRO audit allows you to detect defects and understand what needs to change in your website. It allows you to obtain the following results

Improved conversion rate

The CRO audit consists of detecting opportunities to increase conversions on a website, regardless of its version (desktop or mobile) based on statistics from Google Analytics and qualitative research data.

Increased income

We talk about conversion when a visitor to your website takes the action you want them to do: subscribe to a newsletter, download a white paper, purchase online, etc. Thus, the CRO audit makes it possible to improve the conversion rate and, therefore, increase revenue.

Reduction of cart abandonments

There are many reasons why users might leave the website without completing their purchase process. A CRO audit helps eliminate uncertainty and, through in-depth data analysis, encourages visitors to complete their orders.

Improved user experience

Our UX experts can uncover issues, such as poor navigation or confusing payment forms. They offer the right solutions to satisfy your customers and keep them on your site longer.

Competitive advantage

A well-conducted CRO audit can give you a considerable competitive advantage and a head start on the competition, in a context of abundance of companies and online sales sites.

Stable long-term ROI

A website CRO audit highlights issues that are stopping people from buying. Once resolved, the site becomes a very effective sales lever and helps guarantee a better return on investment in the long term.

Why choose us for your CRO audit?

Our in-depth expertise and long experience make us perfect partners to help you with your digital strategies and conversion rate optimization. Thanks to our audits, we can help you make rational decisions and implement profitable solutions.

Our experts, who have extensive experience in the field of conversion rate optimization, have conducted numerous CRO audits for various companies, enabling them to quickly understand the specific challenges of each sector and provide tailored solutions .

At UX-CO, each CRO audit is carried out taking into account the specificities of each company and its objectives. Our approach is user-centric, aiming to improve your customers' overall experience on your website. This includes detailed customer journey analysis, usability testing, and personalized recommendations to maximize your conversions.

Our team of CRO consultants uses cutting-edge tools and technologies to perform comprehensive and accurate audits. By combining quantitative and qualitative data analysis, we can identify friction points and propose improvements based on concrete data.

After the initial CRO audit, we can ensure the recommendations are implemented in an efficient and correct manner. We also offer regular monitoring to ensure that the expected results are achieved. Our experts remain available for continuous adjustments and optimizations, thus guaranteeing constant improvement in your conversion rate and optimal return on investment.

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AI at the service of UX audit

At UX-CO, we take advantage of the best AI tools to provide you with precise, relevant and efficient rendering.

Our CRO audit process

The CRO audit must be meticulously structured according to a precise strategy and methodology. This process is essential for identifying the actions required to boost the effectiveness of conversion rates.

Beyond the audit

We know how difficult it is to transform services and products in one day. This is why we remain at your side to continue implementing roadmaps and improve recommendations if contexts change.

Our CRO audit

Conversion rate optimization audit

Receive a complete and detailed audit with the right recommendations to optimize your conversion rate and increase your sales.

What is included

  • Conversion funnel analysis
  • User experience evaluation
  • Analysis of web page loading times
  • Definition of buyer personas

Price from

$5 500

Completion time: 6 to 12 weeks

Our experts

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Laure Gabrielle Chatenet

President - UX Expert

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Jean-Michel Lacroix

Expert in technical performance

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We designed and developed Capian, a usability assessment support software that enables professionals to create better assessments more efficiently.

What our customers think

"Quick and effective fixes rather than a major overhaul"

"The UX-co audit allowed us to make major fixes to our website, quickly and without having to redo everything. I was able to make a portion of the fixes myself and for the rest I was fine equipped to negotiate with my agency."

Daniel Riou
President of Défi Entreprises


Increase in registration numbers


Reduced customer support burden

FAQ du service d’audit CRO

A CRO audit involves identifying areas to improve the website's conversion rate. You need it to optimize your store and focus on other aspects of marketing and sales.

It includes a comprehensive assessment of your website performance, user experience and conversion funnels. Additionally, we provide concrete recommendations and ongoing support.

You won't be in the dark without knowing why leads are declining. Auditing allows you to make informed decisions and streamline the purchasing experience.

We use web analytics solutions such as Google Analytics, heat maps, user recordings, A/B testing platforms, surveys and feedback tools. When it comes to methodologies, we rely on usability testing, funnel analysis, expert review, and usability heuristics.

We provide comprehensive documentation, reports and presentations. We include visuals to illustrate data and information.


  • Most interventions will be on Skype / telephone. In-person presentations will take place in the greater Quebec City region. No travel costs are included and the costs of an intervention outside the greater Quebec region will be negotiated.
  • Payment takes place before the start of the intervention.
  • The number of hours for each intervention is limited. The maximum time allocated represents the offer price divided by our hourly rate of $125.
  • Access to Capian’s “Premium” package lasts 6 months.
  • For the analysis of Google Analytics statistics, you will need to provide us with access.
  • The audit report will be produced using the Capian audit tool by a UX-co expert.