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UX-co: expertise group to build your tailor-made career

UI/UX designers face significant challenges throughout their careers

We are here to remove obstacles, support you so that you can excel in what you love

UX-co offers you this framework for work and fulfillment. Our goal is to support you in your dreams, interests, and aspirations

Become UX-girl or UX-guy !

Throughout all these years of experience, we've seen how difficult it is to stay motivated in digital projects where you're the only designer. It's also challenging to learn from others when design teams are limited, to grow, and to perform.


You are

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  • UX Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • UX Architect / Information Architect
  • UX Manager, CX Manager
  • Lead UX Designer
  • UX Writer / Content Designer
  • UI Designer / Creative Director
  • Product Designer / Visual Designer
  • Interaction Designer (IXD)
  • Ergonomist HCI

You want

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  • Building a greater design experience
  • Establishing your career roadmap
  • Only do what you love
  • Focus on what you excel in (or want to excel in)
  • Breaking the isolation of the designer often too alone on projects
  • Sharing, communicating, and training on design
  • Being in perpetual training on subjects that passionate you

Set the tone

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  • You want to be employed
  • You want to be a freelancer
  • You want to be full-time or part-time
  • Multi-clients
  • Single client
  • Work in office teams
  • Work 100% remote

Our UX/UI expertise tailored to your needs

The digital transformation through user and employee experience

The statistics are clear in the Western market: after 10 years, UI/UX designers change careers due to exhaustion, depression, and weariness from the constant battles inherent in the designer's profession.

You won't be alone; there will always be a coach nearby. An obstacle? We'll overcome it. Design roadblock? With multiple minds, we'll find a solution.

You'll have peers, colleagues, collaborators, a support circle around you to help you accomplish your work. But also to enjoy and get excited about what you want to do.

« With our UX/UI community, you will never be alone again on projects and you'll improve your impact. »

We take care of finding you the assignment, the contract, that matches your ambitions

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with one of our girlboss UX, we talk to get to know each other

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your skills, your desires, your roadmap, what trainings?

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Relevant mandate proposals in the course of your career

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The leap

Let's go to become the expert you want to be. We will be by your side.

Becoming a high-level athlete in UX
The framework and the technical team around you


  • Benefiting from the experience of UX events and UX days by UX-co, we offer you a unique training and working framework.
  • Daily calls
  • Weekly calls
  • Meetings between coaches
  • Support among peers
  • Guidance with the client, even on-site
  • Trainings, conferences, workshops
  • And many other services

« Come aboard, you won't be disappointed. Focus on your expertise and career. We'll take care of the rest. »

Our values

100% Skin in the game

We are 100% committed to our projects, we believe that UX-co is the best way to make you shine and develop your career.

Gender equity

Within the UX-co team, every individual, regardless of their gender, is heard, and each person holds equal rights within the company.

Human-centered and committed to a more peaceful and greener world

Because we are all global citizens, UX-co is an environmentally committed company that strives to reduce its carbon footprint. We are trying to make our world a little greener.


We share our knowledge and passion, making them accessible to our client-partners.


It's the key to the success of adopted projects. Let's put ourselves in the shoes of users, but most importantly, the stakeholders.


We will always design to improve the daily lives of humans, so that digital becomes a positive lever and an aid, rather than a hindrance.


All registrations will be validated and lead to an interview to get to know each other, better understand the needs, and ensure a good understanding of expectations !

Extremely excited to get to know you !

Come aboard!