The International UX Days

Since 2015, we have been organizing a fall event entirely focused on UX, targeting all digital professionals, not just UX specialists. We host international speakers who share their knowledge, successes, and failures with us.

The objective of this day of conferences and workshops is to share knowledge with participants to better equip them to address the challenges of digital transformation.

Le contenu de chaque journée est disponible uniquement en français - The content of each day is available only in French

Upcoming days ahead

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International UX Day 2019

Conferences and workshops to apply UX methods in your organization

International UX Day 2018

Implementing UX methods in your organization

International UX Day 2017

Digital transformation through user experience

Digital Customer Experience and Innovation Day 2016

Elevating customer experience: Strategies and tools for your digital evolution

Digital Customer Experience Day 2015

Towards an exceptional customer experience: Practical advice from industry leaders