Our UX events in Quebec

For several years now, we have been organizing multiple user experience events in Quebec annually.

The International UX Days

Since 2015, we have been organizing in the fall a 100% UX-focused event for all digital professionals, not just UX specialists. We host international speakers who share their knowledge, successes, and failures with us.

The goal of this day of conferences and workshops is to share knowledge with participants in order to better equip them to address the challenges of digital transformation.

  1. International UX Day 2019 - Conferences and workshops to apply UX methods in your organization
  2. International UX Day 2018 - Applying UX methods in your organization
  3. International UX Day 2017 - Digital transformation through user experience
  4. Digital Customer Experience and Innovation Day 2016
  5. Digital Customer Experience Day 2015
The international UX days

UX Meetups

UX meetups is a free event that brings together the digital professionals community in the Quebec region, focusing on user experience, customer experience, and digital innovation every 3 months. Its mission is to share, educate, and gather around user experience to better understand the practice and its benefits for organizations.

More than fifteen UX meetups have taken place since their launch in 2013 (discover more statistics on the 4th anniversary post of the community).

We want to thank all the speakers who participated (you can review them on the UX meetups page), the participants, sponsors, and everyone who contributed their time to make UX meetups the most beautiful professional community in Quebec City! You have contributed to the advancement of UX in Quebec!

To stay informed about upcoming events, follow UX meetups on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to the newsletter via the UX meetups website (in French only).

UX meetups